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12/6/06 01:56 pm - Poor poor Kurt Cobain

"Poor poor Kurt Cobain,
Why 'cha have to play guitar,
Why'd ya have to blow your brains out,
etc. etc. etc." I forget the rest...

I just got back from my cousin's year 12 drama performance... 'TheatreXtreme'. Basically, it kicked ass in the only way high school drama knows how. Among the above nugget of greatness, we also had, 'Pete Doherty - you've got two years left' & 'I'm afraid of Americans'. Gold people. Gold.

11/1/06 08:26 am

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25, motherfuckers!

Don't mind the ugly.com shit... all the twister photos end up there. No seriously. And yes, I've photoshopped this into a semi-respectable image... it's my job, I can't help it. Word!


10/26/06 10:38 pm - Peter Hitchener on RRR

Jah bless. Reminds me how normal life is when you take away the dirty cloud of big business.

9/16/06 09:42 am - Coincidence Man

My whole life has been riddled with coincidence. If I ever have to dress up as a superhero for whatever reason, I'm going as Coincidence Man... his super power is coincidence.

Usually, they're so long winded to explain I don't bother telling anyone about them, & actually, of late there haven't been a bunch. But my coinci-sence ( it's like spidey-sense ) pricked up. I'm going to use my journal to document all the shitty coincidences I encounter.

Ok, so my co-worker lends me a Jim Jarmusch film 'Down by Law'. It's fucking cool. It sat in my bag for a week before I watched it, and yesterday I was looking at a googled photo my other co-worker had printed out for a t-shirt design idea, it was some blonde modelling a black tee with what at first glance looked like the Snakes on a Plane logo & the words 'Permanent Vacation'. So it caught my eye. ( Turns out it's an pseudo rock t-shirty thing & the print is taken from an Aerosmith album. If I can find the original pic, I'll post it... the shit's ridiculous. ) Today as I'm looking up other Jim Jarmusch films, and his next flick after Down by Law was you guessed it... Permanent Vacation. Doo doo doodoo doo doo doodoo.

Alright, so he's not a heaps powerful superhero, but spend enough time with him & he'll do your head in.


8/25/06 10:00 am - Skip Hop Doc

Mo' weekend shit. Daylight CBD drinks & paint.

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8/19/06 03:16 am - Heavy Weight at First Floor

Some big time Melbourne city hip hip on at First Floor next week. Scarz, hell jeah! Haven't seem them for yonks. Been banging the Low Budget mixtape for ages now. Good shit, yo. Be there!

8/10/06 11:18 pm - Warrick "Kappa"

My work here is done.

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New Idea, baby... and they said I'd never make anything of myself. Ha. The cool shit is there's a quote in the article that mentions moon-walking. Man I'm happy.

8/10/06 11:01 pm - Snow Bunnies

So the trip back from Hotham helped figure out how to turn the brightness down on the phone cam. Makes all the shots look all shitty & 70's. Also discovered you can kinda get all Lomo with it too... it takes a pic with the phone fliped shut & no display. Seems the lens scans from top to bottom when it takes a shot so the pic can be warped by waving the phone around as your taking the shot. Sik!

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7/6/06 11:37 pm - Bidness Class

Well, off to Sydney in 5 hours, on what is the closest I have come to a business junket in my short career. 2 days harbour side. Unfortunately, I have left my packing a little late. Having moved out of home this year, let's say my closet isn't stocked with hanger after hanger of clean, pressed clothing. Instead I have a floor of unwashed & smokey t-shirts, a hoodie I threw up on last weekend & a really wet pair of jeans. This wouldn't have be a problem had the laundromat I planned on drying all my shit at had stayed open past 10 o'clock. This I found out after lugging my load to the convenience store, breaking a 5 to get change & lugging over to the closed laundry. To rub salt all up in my wounds, some cunts in a parked car laughed at my sorry ass trying to open the very locked & very closed door. Bastards.

Looking sans uber ironic or uber uber at Australia's premier design conference is nightmarish. My current option is Adidas snap-pants & an oversized Sweathogs hoodie... come to think of it that'd actually be a bangin number. Maybe next year. This time around I'm pinning my hopes on two jackets which are close to 1000% polyester, them shits should dry heater side by morning.

The lesson I have learnt tonight isn't preparation, & it isn't the dangers of leaving things to the last minute.. hell, I enjoy the pressure, it's more knowing where Melbourne’s late night amenities are located. A valuable skill set that would be.

Along with business cards, shaver & pens, I'm thinking I'll be bagging & packing a wet set of clothes for Saturday. Hopefully I'll have more luck finding a late night laundromat in Sydney. Here comes fun!

7/6/06 02:46 pm - Junk for your sole

Republika is now a second-hand goods market on Fridays & Saturdays, 12-5. Once I'm back from my business junket, I'm pencilling in a visit.
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